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Tamar Aphek, the mysterious goddess of sharp

guitar riffs and enchanting songs is akin  to

artists that shatter expectations – balancing

elegance and brutality, strength and fragility,

ferocious rock and sweet melody. These forces

resound through Tamar and her band's live

performances. Tamar’s music is direct. 

One minute she’ll whisper in your ear and the

 other minute she will slam her ruthless guitar

into your face.


Tamar Aphek first came to prominence as the

singer/guitar player of bands -Carusella”,

"Shoshana, which were both known for turning

every rock venue into a crime scene of volume,

 and ruthless energy. In her solo act Tamar is 

accompanied by a rock trio that flirts with Jazz

and psychedelic sounds, and presents a shape-shifting

collection of electric songs that carry raw 

intensity wrapped in a mesmerising performance.  

In 2016 Tamar’s songs were integrated into Asaph

Polonsky’s feature “One week and a day” which won

the Gan Foundation award at the Cannes film festival

as well as 7 awards at the Jerusalem Film festival. 

"A magnetic stage presence. There was a decent amount of hair flicking and head bobbing, but that wasn’t the sole reason why she was good. On top of some pretty intense guitar chords her voice carried out beautifully.” 

"Tamar Aphek's score, a combination of modern percussion and more classical rhythms,musically evokes the imbalance and longing for a return to normal that the characters are feeling and working on.”

- Hollywood Reporter


Alison Mosshart is an angel compared to the Israeli goddess of sharp guitar riffs.”
- Goout.cz

“Psychedelic intense rock power.”
 - Time Out Lisbon